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We assist...

Attend our client focused events designed to create free time for you and your family.

What will you do with your free afternoon?

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Allow us to support your organization by creating unique and personalized events that will allow your staff to attend professional seminars and training events

We advise...

Contact us to attend one of our regularly scheduled events.  We are also able to create a unique event for your particular needs.


There are many organizations that provide help and resources to make sure Caregivers are able to take a well-deserved break:

Let us know what types of issues you are facing and we will help you connect with the proper agency. Dialing 211 (in Colorado) is also a good place to start.

Special Needs

"Caregivers are extraordinary people who make daily sacrifices to care for persons of all ages with special needs.  Respite gives these caregivers a much needed break, allowing them to re-charge and then continue successfully in their care giving roles."  said Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee.

Special needs events are created in an accessible, safe, friendly and welcoming environment. Extreme care is taken to make each experience personalized according to specific requirements.

This is an opportunity for  socialization and to nurture a healthy and active lifestyle all while having fun! 

 Baileys Place